How to take care for your alpaca knits.

Alpaca, baby alpaca, royal alpaca
Is a 100% natural fiber, obtained by  shearing of alpacas. These fibers, are composed of protein, just like human hair. And, just like human hair, alpaca wool needs to be treated with special care.
For the production of our products we use the 100% natural fiber or a blend with other material, as you can find in the description of the product on our website or as described in the care label in  garment.

Our alpaca knitwear is durable and with adequate care practices, you can enjoy your alpaca knit for many years.

Alpaca knits are breathable, so we recommend that you leave your sweater to air out after each use to allow odor or moisture to dissipate.
In that way you keep washes as unfrequent as possible to avoid fiber deterioration.

Occasional steaming is also recommended to freshen up the garment in order to reduce frequent washing.

Washing and drying your alpaca knitwear properly will keep your alpaca knitwear clean and in the right shape. Check the care label in your garmet or read the text below.

Washing alpaca knitwear 

Dry clean, check first if they have experience with cleaning wool fashion products. But recommed is by hand wash in cool water with a gentle wool wash detergent, or preferably baby shampoo.
Before you start washing put your gament inside – out,  soak  your garment  for a few  minutes in the water with the detergent or shampoo.
Gently press to allow the water to flush through the fiber. Do not rub as it would felt the fiber. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse several times until the water is clear. Press excess water.

Drying Alpaca knitwear

Dry the sweater by air flat. Wrap heavier items in a towel and press gently to get as much water out as possible, don’t agitate or wring it.
Lay the product flat, reshape to its original dimensions and allow it to dry naturally by air.
Do not hang soaked knits and don’t tumble dry, since the weight of wet wool can stretch out the piece and cause it to lose its shape. Don’t dry in the full sun.

Iron alpaca knits
Turn your wool garment inside.
Best is to use a steam iron,  use a pressing cloth as a protective shield between the face of the iron and the item you’re ironing. To prevent shiny marks and scorching on the wool.
Turn the ironed wool garment right side out. Hang it from a sturdy hanger, or place it flat on a drying rack to dry completely before wearing.